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Welcome to my site!

How often have you said, "I wish I knew more about Mormon beliefs so I could be better equipped to talk with Mormons—especially the missionaries." Well, you've come to the right place. Or, perhaps you are a Mormon investigating this site for the first time, and ask, "Can I believe what I read on this site?" Rest assured you can trust what you read here. I spent thirty-five happy years serving in all the organizations; taught the Gospel Doctrine class, served two local missions, married in the temple, and was active in genealogy work. So, you might ask: "Why would someone who enjoyed the church that much, leave?" The answer is: there must have been a pretty strong reason. You'll find out that reason as you peruse this site, read and study the articles. You'll also be excited at the kind of detail presented, including extensive endnotes that cite LDS sources. As Sergeant Friday used to say on the old Dragnet series, "Just the facts, maam. Just the facts." That's what you'll get.

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(Cross and Pen Ministries)

Author Janis Hutchinson goes behind the appearances to examine the Mormon missionary program and what they don't tell upfront—from its unorthodox theological and political beliefs to its carefully planned strategies to win converts.

Written like a novel, the story is set against the backdrop of a Christian Bible College, where two Mormon missionaries venture onto the campus. Susan, a student, falls for one of the handsome missionaries. Believing she can convert him, she agrees to take their lessons and soon finds herself in over her head, torn between her romantic feelings and her Christian faith. A concerned teacher on campus, a former Mormon, accompanies her to the missionaries’ lessons, counsels Susan about their false claims, and discusses the Mormon material in her cults class. This second edition includes updated statistics for the LDS Church through December 31, 2010, and an additional chapter that describes the church's present evangelistic manual, Preach My Gospel, outlining the missionaries' lesson material, and pointing out how it differs from the 1986 Uniform System for Teaching the Gospel used up until 2003.

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--(Click seal, to read review.)

"Great story line . . . I got caught up in the drama. Fantastic insights. An impressive piece of work. Well researched . . . well written . . . a refreshing work. Fascinating! The fifty pages of footnotes are a researcher’s dream. A valuable tool, a must read for every Christian believer. Highly recommended." (The Critical Review, El Paso, TX)

“This book will have one turning the pages wide-eyed! Janis' knowledgeable and compassionate approach puts [this book] in an easy to understand, comfortable, point-by-point page-turner on the missionary message.” (Lesa Jacobsen, reader)

"A fascinating—and at times frightening—'insider’s look' at Mormon missionary strategies and tactics . . . creatively presented and well-documented." (Randal Roberts, Dir. Of Spiritual Development, Western Seminary, Portland, OR)

“Janis’ knowledgeable and compassionate approach puts one in the classroom, so to speak, in an easy to understand, comfortable, point-by-point page-turner on the missionary message. …HIGHLY recommended”.(a reader)

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Hispanic pastors and church leaders:
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Understanding & Encouraging Ex-Cultists

Based upon her own experience in Mormonism, and those of others, the author presents the difficulties ex-cultists face in leaving their tightly structured religious community with its unique doctrines, and entering an orthodox Christian church. Drawing upon the composite experiences of former cult members from the Mormon Church, Unification Church, Hare Krishnas, and others, she explains the emotional trauma and difficult questions faced by all who have left cults. The book offers practical, non-technical, suggestions for pastors, counselors, and friends in understanding and encouraging ex-cultists through the difficult times of post-conversion stress.

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Now available on Kindle! $2.99 Click here to order:

Also available on Nook! $2.99 Click here to order:


--(Click seal, to read review.)

"I consider this to be one of the most important books ever written for the church in this matter. You, your pastors and every ex-cultist you know need to read it." (J. Edward Decker, Author - Saints Alive in Jesus, Issaquah, WA)

"Out of the Cults and Into the Church is a book that is a must for every church library, and should be read by every pastoral care or new Christian team member. I believe it is the responsibility of every church to ensure that they are well prepared for the day when an ex-cult member arrives in their sanctuary. Highly recommended, without reservation."(

"Ms. Hutchinson’s background, coupled with her conversion to Christ, contribute to a unique understanding of the serious situation defectors face. I have reviewed the work in question. It is excellent." (Dr. Franklin D. Watts, Pastor and former Academic Dean, International Bible College, San Antonio, Texas)

"The book is an important addition to the Christian literature . . . It presents a candid and often neglected focus on the problems faced by people coming out of the cults [and] on the problems faced by people coming out of cults. The struggles of ex-cultists are dealt with in a realistic, compassionate way. . . her readable style is informed by not only the popular, but the professional literature on the topic of cults. I will be happy to recommend the book at my seminars and in contacts with former cult members." (Dr. Ronald Enroth, Professor of Sociology and Author, Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA)

"The author’s use of stories makes for an engaging read. Her first-hand experience gives the book an undeniable air of authenticity. . . . an impressive piece of work . . . well written. Hutchinson’s book will be required reading for my course . . .” (Dr. C. Richard Wells, Assoc. Professor of Divinity Samford University)




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